This place is here especially for you…It is for Physics learning on-line with posts, videos for explanations and experiment videos.

you can use the “left menu” or the “buttons up






syl cam 2

My website is designed for physics generally, but

the Syllabus, course details and requirements is arranged and stuck to the Cambridge IGCSE®

Cambridge International Certificate / Physics /0625


this If you want to download a copy of Syllabus for year 2014   0625_y14_syllabus


I will allow pages to appear for the viewers and my students in the beginning of each school week
I wish you to have a good study and modern way of thinking Physics by visiting My website regularly

1157713_515908901818077_1993227868_n (1)

please sign ur email to be notified about the new entries




ur Physics instructor
Dr Hany El-Gezawy


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