3- Waves

Chapter 6 & 7
Main Points (CORE)

General wave properties

• Describe what is meant by wave motion as illustrated by vibration in ropes and springs and by experiments using water waves

• Use the term wavefront

• Give the meaning of speed, frequency, wavelength and amplitude

• Distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves and give suitable examples

• Describe the use of water waves to show:

– reflection at a plane surface

– refraction due to a change of speed

– diffraction produced by wide and narrow gaps



• Describe the production of sound by vibrating sources

• Describe the longitudinal nature of sound waves

• State the approximate range of audible frequencies

• Show an understanding that a medium is needed to transmit sound waves

• Describe an experiment to determine the speed of sound in air

• Relate the loudness and pitch of sound waves to amplitude and frequency

• Describe how the reflection of sound may produce an echo


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